WRX STi Up-Pipe




JDL Auto Design has set out to bring the Subaru WRX STi EJ platform a completely modular performance exhaust option. This allows enthusiasts to buy-as-you-can, mix and match, or buy-as-a-whole should you choose. The JDL Auto Design Up-Pipe is the 2nd in line of a series of modular components to complete a total performance solution. This unit can be bolted directly to the OEM exhaust manifold flange and the OEM Turbo flange or to the ultimate in equal length headers we have available. The JDL Auto Design Up-Pipe brings consistent and smooth exhaust flow characteristics to your turbo inlet via 2.0” stainless steel mandrel bent tubing, 0.5” thick CNC stainless steel turbo flange, 0.5” thick manifold flange. All welds are meticulously addressed with TIG precision and back purged to ensure clean well penetrated joints.


  • CNC Stainless Steel Turbo Flange


  • TIG Welded and Back Purged for Ultimate Strength and Cleanliness


  • U.S. 304 Stainless Steel 2″ Mandrel Tubing with 16 Gauge Wall Thickness


  • JDL Signature Polishing on Tubing Section for Perfect Burn-In and Consistent Coloration


  • All Required hardware Included


  • Ceramic Coating Available for Additional Heat Management and Protection from the Elements (Black, Titanium, Bronze, Silver)


***Lifetime Warranty to Original Owner***


*Ceramic coating available for an additional fee and may extend your lead time. Hardware included. Ceramic coating options available in Titanium, Black, Silver (2000F Continuous for Silver, 1800F Continuous for Bronze and Titanium, 2300F Continuous for Black)


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