Walbro 485 FRS/BRZ/86 Drop-In In-Tank Fuel Pump


Full Blown Walbro 485 Fuel Pump


Walbro 485 FRS/BRZ/86 Drop-In In-Tank Fuel Pump

JDL Auto Design is proud to have begun carrying what we consider to be one of the best OEM style and user-friendly fuel pump upgrades available for the twin platform. Our friends over at Full Blown would agree! The Full Blown designed Drop-in Walbro 485 fuel pump utilizes the OEM fuel basket and adapts the larger pump via a trick CNC pump mount. The system accommodates the increased pump height with an additional CNC top ring. What makes this system so effective for those looking to increase fuel supply is that it does not require any changes to the already existing fuel system. The OEM Venturi operation remains functional. This is imperative for continued withdraw of fuel from the right side fuel cell saddle since there is no pump to pull from that side in a traditional sense. In addition to everything already mentioned the Walbro 485 pump is designed with the use of Ethanol (E85/E54/FlexFuel) at the forefront.


  • Genuine Walbro 485 In-Tank Fuel Pump


  • E85/E54/FlexFuel Compliant


  • 450/LPH


  • 750+ Horsepower


  • Working range of 35-120PSI


  • Very Quite Operation


  • Designed for Ethanol Use as Well as Gasoline


  • Bolt-In operation that uses OEM Fuel Basket and OEM Venturi System


  • Filter Sock Included

Additional Notes: As with anything automotive related, you should consult with a qualified automotive technician/specialist when installing this product. If you are not confident with basic automotive electrical/mechanical work then the job should be completed by a qualified and competent technician familiar with fuel systems as well as the electrical systems associated with fuel components. Working with these can be very dangerous and anyone working on these types of components without the proper training and certifications are doing so at their own risk. This system does require that the new pump be wired into the existing OEM wiring harness within the fuel basket. 

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in


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