Karcepts Front Sway Bar 2016+ ND MX-5 Miata


Karcepts Front Sway Bar



Karcepts Front Sway Bar 2016+ ND MX-5 Miata

Designed for the most serious competitors, the Karcepts ND Front Sway Bar Kit leaves no compromises on the table.  Hundreds of hours of design time have gone into this kit utilizing CMM technology and FEA analysis.  The end result is a 2016+ Mazda MX-5 Miata Front Sway Bar Kit that offers super quick adjustability, an enormous adjustment range, maximum stiffness with minimal weight, and an installation time of just 30 minutes (after the stock bar has been removed).

  • Sway bar rate is adjusted with one wrench, in only a few minutes


  • Rate adjustments are made with the vehicle on the ground, even at low ride heights


  • 5 adjustment positions per sway bar arm, maximizing tunability and overall range


  • Billet aluminum arms optimized for strength and weight utilizing the latest FEA software


  • Light weight, zero deflection solid sway bar mounts provided for precise feel


  • Low friction, lubrication free, dirt resistant, solid polymer bearings require no maintenance


  • Heat treated and plated steel alloy PTFE lined endlinks and all hardware included


  • 1.25″ diameter high-grade spring steel splined center section for consistent rates


  • Center section available in 0.095″, 0.120″, or 0.188″ wall thickness


  • Sway Bar Rates:
  • OEM ND Front Sway Bar = 132 lbs/in
  • Karcepts ND Front Sway Bar Kit – 0.095″ Wall:
  • Hole 1 = 361 lbs/in
  • Hole 2 = 403 lbs/in
  • Hole 3 = 453 lbs/in
  • Hole 4 = 513 lbs/in
  • Hole 5 = 585 lbs/in
  • Kit Weight = 8.6 lbs


  • Karcepts ND Front Sway Bar Kit – 0.120″ Wall:
  • Hole 1 = 429 lbs/in
  • Hole 2 = 478 lbs/in
  • Hole 3 = 538 lbs/in
  • Hole 4 = 610 lbs/in
  • Hole 5 = 695 lbs/in
  • Kit Weight = 9.5 lbs


  • Karcepts ND Front Sway Bar Kit – 0.188″ Wall:
  • Hole 1 = 569 lbs/in
  • Hole 2 = 635 lbs/in
  • Hole 3 = 714 lbs/in
  • Hole 4 = 809 lbs/in
  • Hole 5 = 921 lbs/in
  • Kit Weight = 11.6 lbs

Center Section Recommendations: For an all around great performing bar, we highly recommend choosing the 0.120″ wall thickness center section. It really hits a nice range of adjustment for this chassis. It can get close to the softness of the other conventional ND bars on the market, yet has the ability to sweep to a much stiffer range (something that is very necessary to provide speed in quick transitions). The 0.120″ bar is also our recommended bar for SCCA CS trim vehicles, allowing competitors to tune the chassis around many different surface conditions, course designs, and driving styles. A lighter 0.095″ wall center section bar is offered for those who prefer a softer range of sway bar rates. The 1.25″ O.D. x 0.095″ wall center section is still no slouch. If comparing to all the conventional bars on the market available for the ND today, this bar can actually hit a roll rate range of all of them combined; it just cannot go much stiffer. Lastly, we also stock a stout 0.188″ wall center section bar. This bar is recommended for vehicles using 235mm wide or larger tires with 200TW or less, which of course includes SCCA STR prepped vehicles.

View the installation instructions for any potential install/fitment questions you may have:KFSB-ND-XX Installation Instructions

Additional information

Sway Tube Wall Thickness

0.095" Wall, 0.120" Wall, 0.188" Wall


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