JDL V2.1 Turbo Wastegate Re-circulation Dump Add-On


JDL V2.1 Turbo Wastegate Re-circulation Dump Add-On


JDL V2.1 Turbo Wastegate Re-circulation Dump Add-On

Ok, so you just added the JDL Auto Design V2.1 Turbo Kit to your Cart and now you want to add-on a recirculated wastegate dump option to quiet things up a bit. Well, you found the right spot to do just that. With this option the wastegate system that controls your turbine speed by the function of exhaust bypass will vent the flow right back into the exhaust system rather than to atmosphere. When vented to atmosphere, every time the vehicle begins to hit boost and needs to start bleeding off exhaust flow to maintain a specified boost pressure at the manifold it does so at the expense of yours and everyone around yous ears! Sometime this is exactly what you are looking for and if this is the case then this option is not for you. LOUD is what comes standard. If you want the vehicle to maintain a normal sounding exhaust under all load conditions then the recirculated option is your choice. Consider it the Gentlemen Add-On whereas the standard open dump is the rowdy party going brother to the gentlemen. Who knows, maybe you want to be business up front and party in the back…… If that’s the case we have the option for that too. Just check out our wastegate dump combo add-on. Best of both worlds!

  • Normal exhaust function regarding sound


  • The quieter more gentlemen version of the rowdy party brother of the standard open wastegate dump


  • integrates your wastegate inlet and outlet directly to the down-pipe


  • Stainless Steel


  • Hand TIG Welded and Back-Purged


  • Includes Stainless T-bolt Clamp for Secure Mounting


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