JDL Auto Design FT86 V2.1 Charge Pipe Coating Add-On

JDL Auto Design FT86 V2.1 Charge Pipe Coating Add-On



JDL Auto Design FT86 V2.1 Turbo Charge Pipe Color Option Add-Ons

Not everyone has the same preference when it comes to colors and we here at JDL Auto Design believe you shouldn’t be constrained with no options. We are car enthusiasts just like you and we understand that when you are building your car you want it to be an expression or extension of yourself. What better way to make your 86 stand out from the crowd with a full palette of color options. To make things simple we offer a few colors standard but for a little additional cost there are virtually limitless options when it comes to color choices. Just give us a call after you place your custom color order and we can go over what you are trying to accomplish.

  • Professional Powder Coating of all Charge Pipes


  • Lasting Protection From the Elements and Engine Chemicals/Fluids


  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance


  • Sets Your System Apart From the Rest


  • Virtually Limitless Color Palette

Thermal coatings and powder coatings generally add 1 week to your build but this can vary depending on current work load and orders on hand. When ordering a custom color option it will be required to communicate with us the color you are trying to achieve and we can discuss options. Please understand that color perception can vary slightly from person to person so with that said the color that is requested is to the best match possible without personal interaction with chosen color. There are no refunds or exchanges on any custom colors if the color does not meet your color perception or expectations of said color. We strive to achieve exactly what is being requested within our best ability. 

Additional information

Turbo Charge Pipe Color

Chrome (Default), Texture Black, Wrinkle Red, Custom


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