FT86 Oil Cooler


FRS/BRZ Oil Cooler system

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FRS/BRZ/GT86 Oil Cooler kit 

Do oil temperatures concern you? Well they should! Especially if you have moved into forced induction or find yourself on the track. Oil Temperatures can be greatly affected with the addition of a turbo not only because your are now creating more power which inherently creates more heat but you are sending oil through a turbo that effectively thrives on heat. What better way to shed some heat than passing oil through a Setrab competition grade cooling core? When you demand the best you should be demanding Setrab and Mocal and the reason is simple! Those two names are unanimously chosen in the competitive motorsports industry for thermal management of liquids. The 19 row Setrab cores used in our 86 platform system is more efficient than much larger units available on the market. As a result attribute saves weight and valuable room for exposure to other heat exhangers in your vehicle such as your radiator and condenser. The Mocal thermostatic oil temp regulator will ensure the oil stays within the proper heat range whether exposed to high or low ambient temps for individuals who drive their vehicles in various climates year round.

  • 19 Row Setrab Oil Cooler Core in Black with Silver JDL Logo


  • Mocal Thermostatic Sandwich Plate with -10AN O-Ringed Fittings


  • -10AN Braided Push Lock Hose


  • -10AN Push Lock Fittings for Easy Installation


  • Platform Specific Mounting Brackets Powder Coated Texture Black


  • Stainless Steel SHCS bolts with Nylon Locking Nuts


***Lifetime Warranty to Original Owner***

(((Core Brackets have been updated and no longer match the pictures, new pictures soon)))


Special Order Notes

All manifolds, hot part kits, custom intercooler kits, and full turbo kits are built upon order unless otherwise stated.

 If you opt for coating the wait time will be 4-5 business days after header completion.

JDL built to order manufactured parts are non-refundable.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for completion of said parts.

Build times are also subject to change without notice depending on current workload





Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 16 in


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