FT86 JDL Auto Design V2.1 Wastegate Dump Combo


FT86 JDL Auto Design V2.1 Wastegate Dump Combo


FT86 JDL Auto Design V2.1 Wastegate Dump Combo

Whoa! Mind Blown! I can have both open dump wastegate AND Recirculated?! Yep, you can BUT only one at a time cause 2 is a crowd and if you have both loud and quiet simultaneously well then you will have reached the event horizon and you sir/madam are a greater human being than any before you. So, what does this mean and how does it work? It’s simple really. We build your turbo system as if it were a recirculated wastegate system but we supply you with an open dump tube in addition. If I take off my re-circulation tube isn’t that going to leave me with a hole in my down-pipe? Yep, sure does so how do we solve this conundrum? Again, easy! We supply you a plug that is clamped into place and now you have open dump and no massive constant exhaust leak. When you get tired of open dump juvenile hoonigan loudness or maybe you have a long road trip you want to go on, then all you do is remove the open dump tube. Pull out the plug and re-install your re-circulation tube into the system. Now you are back to quiet and you can rest assure that when you want to get rowdy again it’s just a matter of a quick swap again to the open dump tube. BOOM! Mind blown TWICE in one day!

  • Get the best of both worlds of quiet or load


  • Easy install/uninstall


  • Stainless Steel Re-circulation Tube and Open Dump Tube


  • Stainless Down-pipe Plug Included


  • All hardware Included


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