FT86 JDL Auto Design V2.1 Ceramic Thermal Coatings Add-On

FT86 JDL Auto Design V2.1 Ceramic Thermal Coatings



FT86 JDL Auto Design V2.1 Ceramic Thermal Coatings Add-On

Did you just add the FT86 JDL Auto Design V2.1 Turbo System to your cart and now you want to take it to the next level with thermal ceramic coatings? JDL Auto Design has the heat management you need to keep those under hood temps under control. Although heat managment is not required for our systems its another way to take your system to the next level to maintain efficiency and protection of your investment in forced induction. Whether you live in the rust belt, desert, plains of America or any where in the world for that matter, these coatings keep you protected. All JDL Auto Design Ceramic Thermal coatings are by Cerakote the thermal barrier experts when it comes to spray-able non intrusive coatings. We coat the following components as part of this add-on package: Turbine housing, Turbo Manifold, Dump Tube/Recirc Tube (depending on what’s ordered), Down-pipe.

  • Keep Heat Where it Belongs, In the Exhaust Components


  • Decrease Surrounding Engine Bay Temps to Prolong Component Wear


  • Increase Thermal Velocity Within the Turbo Manifold Runners and Turbine Housing


  • Protection from the elements


  • Provides a Finish in the Engine Bay for that Clean Look


  • Comes in a Variety of Colors


  • All colors range from thermal capacities of 1800-2300 degrees F.


All Ceramic Thermal Coatings generally require an additional 1 week lead time to complete the coating process. Thermal coatings are NOT a permanent coating and are considered a wearable item that does break down over time and use. Thermal coatings require re-application in the event the coating has broken down to a point of no longer providing the thermal barrier properties. Most colors in the ceramic color palette will be of earth tones as they have the highest thermal capacities required for forced induction applications.  

Additional information

Thermal Coating Colors

Raw (Default), Black, Silver, Bronze, Titanium, Tungsten


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