FT86 JDL Auto Design V2.1 Intercooler Coatings Add-On


FT86 JDL Auto Design V2.1 Intercooler Coatings Add-On


FT86 JDL Auto Design V2.1 Intercooler Heat Dissipation Thermal Coating Add-On

JDL Auto Design offers an intercooler coating that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to those looking to subdue the typical bold presence of a front mount intercooler peering through the grill of your 86. The functional aspect of the coating is that this coating is no ordinary coating and prevents the retention of heat. Instead it breaths and allows the intercooler to do what it was designed to do, COOL the intake air. Don’t be fooled by the competition that uses regular old coatings that trap heat in the intercooler, completely negating the effectiveness of the core job of an intercooler. The finish maintains a flat black appearance and virtually hides the existence of the intercoolers presence with the exception of the JDL logo proudly sitting front and center.

  • Incognito blackout appearance


  • Dissipates heat rather than retain heat like many other offerings on the market


  • Protects the core from corrosion


  • Comes standard with a Silver or Grey JDL logo

Thermal coatings generally add 1 week of lead time to the production of your components. This can vary depending on work load. Heat dissipation thermal coatings are a wearable item and are not warranted against normal wear and degradation from use. Remember the intercooler sits in the front of the vehicle and takes on a considerable amount of rad debris which can slowly erode the coatings finish and function. Since the coating is wearable it may be necessary to re-coat the component in the future although most of the time the coatings last the lifetime of the product under normal conditions. 


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