JDL Auto Design/Delicious Tuning Flexfuel Kit


Delicious Tuning Bluetooth Flexfuel Kit



JDL Auto Design/Delicious Tuning FT86 FlexFuel Kit

Power! We all want more, right? Well what better way to do it then to unlock the potential that E85/FlexFuel can provide. Ethanol is sort of the magical elixir in the performance community whether you are naturally aspirated or forced induction. The beauty of this FlexFuel system is 3-fold! One: It does all the work for you calculating ethanol content and then providing this information to your ECU. Two: It broadcasts the information via Bluetooth so that you, the end-user, can visually understand the percentage of ethanol currently running through your fuel system. Conveniently monitored through an app available for Android or Apple devices. Three: It allows your vehicle to be truly “Flex” Fuel. What does that mean? Well, you don’t need to worry about the mixture of gasoline to ethanol because with Delicious tuning’s tuning option the ECU can calculate everything from spark timing to cam phasing on the fly as the ethanol content changes. Gone are the days of re-flashing your ECU to meet your likely unscientific method of ethanol content mixing methods. You can drive from New York to California putting any combination of gasoline and Ethanol in your tank knowing your ECU is quietly calculating everything for you all thanks to Delicious Tuning’s FlexFuel kit.


  •  True E85/FlexFuel Monitoring (E54 for some AZ residents)


  • Plug-and-Play for Easy Installation


  • OEM Style Engine Harness Adaptation to Provide ECU with Ethanol Content Percentage


  • Fuel Lines Included with Optional Race Spec -6AN Lines/Fittings


  • Removes All the Guess Work from Ethanol Use


  • Bluetooth Android and Apple Compatible Monitoring Apps


  • Mounting and All Hardware Included


  • Optional DESS upgrade (Dynamic Engine Safety System) Available

LINK—->FlexFuel Installation Instructions


If you are in need of a tune there are many options available via our website however, it may be necessary to call us if your particular tuning requirement is not listed in our tuning section options. Please do not hesitate to call us in regard to this product or tuning solutions. Additional products that work with this system are also available.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 in
Fuel Line Style

OEM Style Lines, Race Spec Style Lines

Optional DESS

No, Thanks, Yes, Please

DESS Tune Upgrade

Yes, I need it, No, Thanks


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