FRS/BRZ/GT86/86 Pre-Welded Oil Pan for Turbo Oil Return


FT86 Pre-Welded Turbo Oil Return Oil Pan


FRS/BRZ/GT86/86 Pre-Welded Oil Pan for Turbo Oil Return

JDL Auto Design has a solution for those looking for a way to return turbo oil drain back to the oil pan. Maybe you don’t have a welder for the DIY route or you have decided you want the superior fit and finish we provide with a bolt on product for your project. All of our oil pans are pre-welded with a -10AN male fitting that is compatible with our FT86 turbo kits. Each pan starts as a brand new OEM piece and then undergoes our professional TIG welding process to ensure leak free and clean appearance to the oil pan. Every pan is then powder coated in a gloss black finish that provides better than OEM protection and looks. In addition to the slick new pan we provide new OEM oil return gaskets for the oil passages linked from each head to the pan for oil return.

  • Brand NEW OEM Oil Pan


  • Easy Bolt-On Oil Pan That Takes the Guess Work Out of Turbo Oil Return


  • TIG welded -10AN Male Fitting for Turbo Oil Return


  • Powder Coated in Gloss Black for Superior Protection and Fantastic Appearance


  • New OEM Head Oil Return Passage Gaskets

All fabricated parts are subject to lead times that vary based on current demand. This lead time can be 4-6 weeks and could be extended should there be shortages of material and supplies. If you have any concerns regarding lead times please contact us in advance. This product is usually in stock however, demand dictates availability. 

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 in


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