Delicious Tuning/JDL Auto Designs EcuTek Tuning Solution For Naturally Aspirated “Stage 2”


Delicious Tuning/JDL Auto Designs EcuTek Tuning Solution “Stage 2”



Delicious Tuning/JDL Auto Designs EcuTek Tuning Solution For Naturally Aspirated “Stage 2”

Did you just purchase a JDL Auto Design Turbo system or a fresh new JDL Auto Design exhaust system for your Japanese platform vehicle but you aren’t sure where to go to get it tuned? Well, why go anywhere else when the best is right here at your finger tips! JDL Auto Design and Delicious Tuning have teamed up to bring you the most streamlined tuning solution with unsurpassed capabilities for your vehicle whether naturally aspirated, forced induction, FlexFuel, Etc. Who is Delicious Tuning and why choose them? The Delicious Tuning team is world renowned for their tuning skills and attention to detail. So much so that the Delicious brand is synonymous in the racing industry of all forms from Ken Blocks Gymkhana STi to vehicles driven by Travis Pastrana, Dave Mirra, Keiichi Tsuchiya, Tanner Foust, and two-time 24 Hours of LeMans winner Andre Lotterer. This doesn’t even cover the thousands of cars tuned for every day folks or for those competing in some of the most torturous automotive competitions such as Formula drift, NASA, hillclimb challenge, Time-Attack challenge, SCCA, Speed World Challenge and Gumball Rally. The tunes have been tested extensively not just on a local basis but literally worldwide covering every environmental exposure, altitude, temperatures, and variable conceivable. This type of exposure is what helps you, the end user, in having confidence in the heart of your performance build, the tune.


The Stage 2 reflash using E85 for your Toyota FT86, Scion FRS or Subaru BRZ adds increased torque across the board and nearly eliminates the awful 4000 RPM dip felt by many and seen in many a dyno chart. In order to use the Stage 2 tune we highly recommend installing a full header back exhaust system in order to take full advantage of the improved performance. As far as which headers we suggest using either the JDL Auto Design Headers for this package.

Our Stage 2 reflash smooths out the entire band, offers a linear power curve and almost completely removes the mid range power dip, very similar to what we have done to the Stage 1 map we offer. We have developed maps for a wide selection of intakes and the numbers represented below are based on the OEM intake system, but we have found aftermarket intakes can improve the overall performance of he vehicle. Please select from which intake you are using on your vehicle when purchasing this item. Here are Delicious Tuning’s figures for the Stage 2 reflash.

Figures are based on California 91 Octane Fuel for Manual or Automatic Transmissions & Full Header Back Exhaust System and Intake

Peak Horsepower Increase: +16-30 wheel horsepower (depends highly in headers and intake)

Peak Torque Increase: +16-25 wheel torque (depends highly on headers and intake)

Maximum Horsepower Gains: +18-35 wheel horsepower @ 7200 RPM

Maximum Torque Gains: +16-25 wheel torque @ 4200 RPM

PowerBand Expanded: +500 RPM’s (by nearly eliminating the dip)

Notable Improvements in drivability

Nearly Removes Dip at 4000 RPM

Smoother Power Delivery

Better Throttle Response

Improved Acceleration

Linear Power Curve

  • EcuTek (Indisputably the most advanced software system for many Japanese ECU platforms)


  • Scion (FR-S), Toyota (86/GT86), Subaru (BRZ), Mazda (MX-5 ND), Etc.


  • Flash-and-Go capabilities


  • On-the-Fly Map Switching capabilities


  • RaceROM Functionality


  • FlexFuel Integration for most applications


  • Electronic Boost Control


  • Deep Advanced Mapping


  • Datalogging


  • Non Intrusive

***Additional Information Needed After Order Has Been Placed***

Dongle I.D. (If you already own EcuTek):

EcuTek Registration Code (If you already own EcuTek):

Vehicle Year:

Vehicle Make:

Vehicle Model:

Transmission Type:

Vehicles Region (What part of the world do you live?):

Intake Type/Filter:

Fuel Type:

Please be advised all tuning of modern vehicles is “at-your-own-risk” should you decide to take on tuning on your own or otherwise. Non-versed tampering with mapping and settings within your ECUs software can cause irreversible and catastrophic vehicle damage. Leave it to the professionals if you are unsure or curiosity leads you to start digging into things you probably shouldn’t. All of the tunes provided by JDL Auto Design/Delicious Tuning are of the “Flash-and-Go” type. Meaning there is NO requirement for the end-user to go into the software and start making ANY changes of their own. Tuning of any kind is intended for “off-road use only”. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us here at JDL Auto Design so that we may help you determine what product might fit you best.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 in
ProECU Cable Kit

YES, I need one, NO, I already own one

ProECU License

YES, I need one, NO, I already have one

FlexFuel Tune Upgrade

YES, I need this, NO, I don't have FlexFuel


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